Why do girls always go after the “asshole” type of guy or one that treats them badly?

I wish i knew the answer to that. It would truly solve so much confusion. Man, my brain hurts and i have no idea why i’m on a site such as this anymore. 



Soo thanks to Hoang i got the new Maroon 5 album “Overexposed” early and I love it so much. like my favorite songs are One more night and Payphone but daylight and fortune teller is very good too. Really enjoying this, perfect music to play LoL with but i haven’t even played today haha…

Definition of a high school sweetheart.


A couple that has been dating for MOST of their high school careers.


So, one of the mentors has cats all over her wall. That one is one of the cutest :3


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The feeling that you get when you got the grade that you wanted in a class.


It makes it all worth the hard work, lost time, and lost sleep.


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Being your high school sweetheart.


I’m really glad that I have such a role in your life. Going through high school together, helping each other through highs and lows, and merely watching each other grow. It’s a great experience and I honestly can’t wait to see what life has in store for us. If we can last throughout high school, I’m anticipating what will happen when we are actual adults. College is next. Who knows?

Anything can happen and I’ll always look forward to a great life adventure with you. We can end up everywhere and anywhere and the surprise keeps us striving for the future together. I love you and the time together with you sure has made be have new outlooks on life as well as mature in my own ways. You’re the best xD